Behind Saurashtra Uni, Computer Bhavan, Rajkot

Art and Craft Studio

  • Art is a creative expression of an individual. The art and craft studio promotes amongst students aesthetic sense and the ability to express themselves in different forms. Students learn to draw, paint, sketch and create artistic models and learn several craft techniques that can be easily used in day to day life.
  • The Art program encourages creativity and also teaches students to appreciate art in different forms. It introduces students to different media and techniques for creative expression. It also provides opportunities for development of folk arts and creates awareness of the rich and cultural heritage of India. Students learn to appreciate the beauty of nature in many forms.
  • Students are encouraged to apply learnt skills to practical life situations. This includes soft board decorations, festive decorations, wall paintings, school and classroom decoration.
  • Art workshops are conducted to expose students to clay work, pottery, batik work, photography, weaving, collage making etc.
  • Students are also encouraged for various competitive exams.

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