Behind Saurashtra Uni, Computer Bhavan, Rajkot
A school is a place that is considered to be the second home for children. School provides a platform for Students to express their capabilities through performance and can have a real impact on the spectators. Students are indulged in art forms through Dance and Drama on occasions like Annual day and special Days celebrating their thoughts.

The Campus

The school has a huge campus located in the heart of the city next to Saurashtra University, which is an Ideal location. It is accessible and accommodates two buildings, Saraswati and Sharda, in a green, airy And safe surrounding.

The Classrooms

Classrooms are the most essential infrastructure of a school. Students develop their skills, proficiency Here and we have ensured to construct well-equipped classrooms for better learning. The classrooms Are furnished for a well-planned seating arrangement and have a well-lit environment. Furnished with Tube lights and fans they provide a favourable space for the learning process.

The classrooms are well aerated with proper ventilation. Equipped with individual tables and chairs for Students, they provide a flexible condition for studying. The classrooms are spacious and equipped with Multimedia projectors which create an interactive medium for students through audios, videos, pictures, PPTs and quiz worksheets. Interactive classrooms not only enhance Digital learning but also promotes Skills like logical thinking, independent research and technological excellence.


Books are the primary source of knowledge for the students. We provide a well-structured library for the Students to encourage their desire to learn. Students can access a collection of reference, Fiction, Non-fiction books catering to different age groups and understanding capacity. It is equipped with a table And chairs that create a cosy and pleasant atmosphere for reading. The library caters as a primary location for reading information. The librarian is a literary agent who bridges the students and materials Found in the library. We facilitate to encourage the reading habits of students through two programs: DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) and SSR (Sustained Silent Reading). The school has a subscription to Various print form reading material like Magazines, Newspapers, Storybooks, Biographies, General Knowledge books to create a practice of reading other than textbooks.

Computer Lab

Computer Labs are a technological interactive space for students. They encourage digital knowledge necessary for today’s world. We have qualified and expert teachers that give special attention to every student. The computer lab is air-conditioned and spacious with individual access. We provide independent computers for each student. We encourage group study with Visual Classroom to facilitate software learning for the whole class. The computer lab is equipped with the latest technology like 17’’ LED, which does not generate excessive heat and also consumes less power for a secure and healthy environment for students. We have an in-house LAN with an avant-garde Operating System for the best learning opportunities, presentations and documentation.

Maths Lab

Many students experience difficulty with Mathematics that can restrict their growth. We have designed a Maths Lab for interactive learning where students can use their practical skills to learn and explore mathematical concepts with the help of fun and interactive activities. Playful activities make it easier for students to memorise and deeply understand the basic concepts. We encourage the practical participation of students for better development of logical thinking and basic understanding.

  • Mathematics is a subject that requires precision. To build the interest of students we create playful activities that are interactive and ensure full participation.
  • Our interactive ways help students to strengthen their basic concepts through solid material and action-based experiences.
  • We don’t encourage mugging techniques and machine learning. We develop interesting activities in the classroom for fun-filled learning.
  • We ensure the individual participation of students through conducting Math Lab activities every week.

Science Lab

“Science is magic that works,” said a wise person.

We believe in the world of Science because everything around us is Science. The school offers a well-equipped Science Lab focused on developing questioning capabilities and logical thinking. We emphasise experimental skills through science programs.

The lab is well-equipped with tools and kits to conduct experiments that enhance practical knowledge with theoretical learning. Learning is made fun with the help of diagrams, charts and physical models available for demonstration. We ensure student participation by conducting weekly lab activities by each student at the Science Lab.

Music Studio

Many people believe music has a healing effect on the mind. Music is helpful in stress relief and pleases us. It is an essential art form that helps us enhance our listening skills, language skills and makes us confident. Children can develop their musical skills and build a future in the same. We believe in training children for the outside world so the musical training begins from Class 1 to Class 8. Children become well-versed in Gujarati, Hindi and English music with a combination of Classical music. We train students in both vocal and instrumentals. Music performances are encouraged for Independence Day, Republic Days and special occasions for students to showcase their training and increase their self-esteem. Students are motivated and well trained to participate in singing competitions as well.

Art and Craft Studio

Art connects you to your emotions. Connecting students with their inner artistic zeal can create a powerful platform for their emotional expression. Through the Art and Craft Studio, we promote a healthy and artistic expression through different forms. Students can learn to draw, paint, sketch and create aesthetic models. The techniques used in these art forms enhance daily life-skills. With the help of Art and Craft, we encourage students to appreciate different art forms and develop their individual opinions.

Students are introduced to Folk arts that give them an understanding of the rich cultural heritage of India. Students are exposed to art workshops like Clay work, Pottery, Batik work, Photography, Weaving developing soft skills used in practical life.

Art is a medium of expression and we encourage students to participate in various Competitive exams for their artistic expressions.


The school believes in the holistic development of students. We believe physical activities are as important as learning skills. Playing is a natural activity for children and it encourages physical development. Participating in physical activities can stimulate coordination skills, bodily growth, increase concentration and develop team spirit.

The school has a Basketball court, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Volleyball and Throwball court. For younger kids, the playgrounds are equipped with swing sets, sand play-area, balance beams and slides. Students should enjoy some free time that helps them in physical and mental development and playgrounds are the way to do that.

We also take students to the Saurashtra University ground for advanced athletic activities.

Indoor Sports

Indoor sports are an integral part of student development. We have a huge facility for indoor games that can interest students. We have a well-furnished indoor space for Carom, Chess, Table-tennis, Yoga and Pranayama. These sports enhance life abilities and practices like Yoga are helpful for mental and physical health.

We conduct sports activities throughout the year to encourage student participation and help students to achieve a goal.

The Multipurpose Hall

Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the overall development of students. For these purposes, we have built a multipurpose hall with an efficient sound and audio system. A large number of informational seminars, workshops and presentations can be conducted in this hall. The hall also hosts creative competitions like debates, elocutions, Dance and Drama and is a medium for parents as teachers to connect through Parents and Teachers Meetings.

RO Water Plant

The school pays special attention to the health of the students. Providing safe drinking water is among the most essential duties of the school. The RO water system uses an advanced purification process to remove harmful particles and molecules to provide safe drinking water. Pure water can keep diseases away and make the students feel energised, hydrated and keep them safe from water-borne diseases. It is also known to improve brain functions and keep the body healthy. The school has placed water purifiers all over the campus where students can refill their water bottles if necessary. The school encourages a healthy body for a healthy education.

Solar Panels

We have equipped the school with all the latest and avant-garde features. One of the most efficient and eco-friendly features of the school is the Solar Panels. Global warming is on the rise and as a responsible institute, we have installed Solar panels to collect renewable energy from the sun and dispense it in the form of electricity to reduce power loads.

We have built an environmentally aware school to help students understand the value of their surroundings. This initiative is an inspiration to create a healthy atmosphere by reducing the greenhouse effect and carbon footprints.

Fire Security

The safety of our students is the topmost priority. We have taken the necessary precautions to prevent anything untoward from happening in the case of an emergency, like a fire. The necessary infrastructure is in place by the government guidelines on fire safety. We also conduct regular drills and fire safety programmes to ensure that all students and staff on the campus are trained in emergency procedures through these programmes. Teachers and non-teaching staff such as peons and other assistants should be trained in the use of fire hoses installed at various places.

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Children’s early learning experiences have a profound effect on their development. These early interactions directly affect the way connections are made in the brain. Early learning experiences are crucial to the future well-being of children, and establish the foundation for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will affect later learning and behaviour. Children arrive at school with different backgrounds and experiences and at different stages of development. Positive early experiences with school are of paramount importance to young children. Children thrive within classrooms that meet their physical and developmental needs and that provide a secure, respectful, and nurturing environment.

Attractive and colourful Kindergarten provides a learning environment that is inclusive and it is one in which children feel comfortable and safe, yet stimulated to learn and explore. The environment encourages empathy, interest in trying new things and the development of self-confidence. The Kindergarten follows Montessori Method of education that allows children to learn at their own pace and consists of a balance of investigation or exploration, guided instruction, and explicit instruction.

Quiz (G.K.)

Quiz (G.K.)

A quiz culture is conducted in school for better learning of the things which are out-of-syllabus. Students get interactive platform, require critical thinking and extensive research which gets them into the habit of innovative learning from an early age. Quiz encourages team work and bridges academia-industry gap. Students from Std. 1st to 8th face four rounds of G.K. quiz in their own classes and the final round is conducted between the four houses [Blue, Green, Red and Yellow] before the end of the year.

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Children have an innate love of stories. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others. Storytelling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures. Students are taught to retell stories in their own way, with their own dialogues and level of their understandings. To increase their level year by year, competitions are conducted twice in a year for English, Hindi and Gujarati languages.

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Poetry recitation is an idea, an art and a feeling, accentuated with the use of distinctive style and rhythm, delivered through a public speaking. It’s a way of expressing the thoughts in a poetic way. Students are thus, taught to recite poems and express themselves. To increase their levels every year, recitation competitions are conducted twice in a year with final recitation round at the end of the year in English, Hindi and Gujarati.

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