Behind Saurashtra Uni, Computer Bhavan, Rajkot

Maths Lab

Many students experience difficulty with Mathematics that can restrict their growth. We have designed a Maths Lab for interactive learning where students can use their practical skills to learn and explore mathematical concepts with the help of fun and interactive activities. Playful activities make it easier for students to memorise and deeply understand the basic concepts. We encourage the practical participation of students for better development of logical thinking and basic understanding.

  • Mathematics is a subject that requires precision. To build the interest of students we create playful activities that are interactive and ensure full participation.
  • Our interactive ways help students to strengthen their basic concepts through solid material and action-based experiences.
  • We don’t encourage mugging techniques and machine learning. We develop interesting activities in the classroom for fun-filled learning.
  • We ensure the individual participation of students through conducting Math Lab activities every week.