Behind Saurashtra Uni, Computer Bhavan, Rajkot

Our Philosophy

  • to guide students toward intellectual, artistic, physical, technological, and social
  • to spark passion. We want children to become deeply and personally involved in their
    work, to feel not only accountable, but engaged.
  • to cultivate depth of character. We want students to develop empathy, imagination, and
    moral courage; ethical values; a sense of humility; and a habit of service.
  • to help students gain self-knowledge: to learn about their own strengths and weaknesses
    within a supportive environment that fosters open and realistic communication.
  • to foster a sense of community. Accordingly, we strive to create a rich public life in
    the school, where students learn to express their opinions effectively and responsibly,
    and to consider respectfully the opinions of others.

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