Behind Saurashtra Uni, Computer Bhavan, Rajkot

Value Education Program

  • Values Education is inherent in our civilization, culture and traditions spanning over centuries. Given the current social milieu, it has become imperative for schools to inculcate in their students not just skills, but also values and attitudes that will help them live in harmony with themselves, with others and with nature.
  • Values are essential for positive human behaviour. It helps in upholding social, cultural and scientific principles to make India a secular, democratic and progressive nation taking pride in its cultural heritage
  • Value education develops in students caring, co-operation and respect for others. In addition to equipping them with life skills and attitudes, it prepares them to lead a full life.
  • The program focuses on values like cooperation, respect for human rights, tolerance, justice, responsible citizenship, diversity, reverence towards democracy and peaceful conflict resolution. It also encourages education for peace as a significant national and global issue.